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Accura High Speed Tablet Press IV (Square cGMP, With Pre Compression)

Accura High Speed Tablet Press IV (Square cGMP, With Pre Compression)

Accura High Speed Tablet Press IV (Square cGMP, With Pre Compression)

45 Stn. "D'', 55 Stn. "B", 61 Stn. "B" & 75 Stn. "BB" ( Max. Output - 5,40,000 Tablet / Hour)


No. of Station 45 Station 55 Station 61 Station 75 Station
Type of Tooling D B B BB
Output-Tablet/Hr (Min./Max)* 65,000 to 3,25,000 79,000 to 3,96,000 87,840 to 4,39,200 1,08,000 to 5,40,000
Operating Pressure (Main) 10 Tons (Max.) 6.5 Tons
Operating Pressure  (Pre-Compression) 1 Ton
Depth of Fill 20 mm 17.4 mm
Max. Tablet Dia. 25 mm 16 mm 16 mm 11.1 mm
Upper Punch Penetration 1.5 to 8 mm
Total Power 8.75 kw/11.7 HP
Main Electric Motor 7.5 kw /10 HP/1440 RPM 415 V / 50 Hz. / 3 Ph.
Feeder Motors (2 Nos.) 0.19 kw/0.25 HP / 1440 RPM / 415 V
Overall Dimension (mm) 2500 (L) x 2500 (W) x 2275 (H) (Open Guard)
Overall Dimension (mm) 1500 (L) x 1580 (W) x 1900 (H) (Close Closed)
Case Dimension (mm) 3100 (L) x 3200 (W) x 2450 (H)
Net Weight (Approx.) 3800 kgs.
Gross Weight (Approx.) 4150 kgs.
* Depending upon the characteristic of material and shape & size of tablets.

  • In Compliance with cGMP Standard
  • Higher output suitable for large batch production
  • Higher tablet weight consistency
  • Inter locked guards for safety, Hopper level sensors, Helical gear ring to drive the turret
  • Pre-compression, as a Standard Feature.  
  • Easily removable bottom driven rotary force feeders
  • ACVF Drive for Main motor & also ACVF Drive for Feeder Motors
  • Electromagnetic Clutch, Acrylic carbonate upper guards & SS Lower Guards
  • Front Controls at outside of the machine, having SEIKO dials
  • Hydraulic power pack for pressure loading and overload Release
  • One Shot lubrication
  • Lower Punch seals in Turret
  • 3 Types of Filling cams
  • All the tablet parameters can be set from outside of the tableting zone
  • Bottom Driven Rotary Feeding System.
  • SS. Hopper With Imported Butter fly Valve

  • Tablet Rejection on Machine Start up and Stop and random sampling device
  • Powder Level Sensors at Feed Hopper
  • Tight Punch Detection (Upper Punch)
  • PLC With MMI & Colour Touch Screen Gravity Feeding System
  • Bi-layer tablet facility
  • Tablet Sampling
  • Auto Lubrication
  • PLC With Fully Computer Control system CFC (SCADA) System
  • Auto Rejection and Random Sampling Device (During Start and Stop of the Machine).
  • Power Loading System (VAC-U-MAX TYPE WITH Y BEND)

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